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May have to finally start reading TFIOS

Gah, there are TFIOS quotes and gifs and spoilers everywhere! I keep having to quickly scroll past them because I have the book but haven’t read it yet - it’s next on my reading list but I’ve already got 4 books on the go *cough*Insurgent for the second time*cough* (and usually I don’t start another before I’ve finished at least one of them). But to be honest I think I am going to have to start it before I find out everything that happens from Tumblr alone!

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Why Writers Are the Worst Procrastinators


Fantastic article on the psychology behind procrastinating, and why writers are particularly susceptible to it.

“Work finally begins,” says Alain de Botton, “when the fear of doing nothing exceeds the fear of doing it badly.” For people with an extremely fixed mind-set, that tipping point quite often never happens. They fear nothing so much as finding out that they never had what it takes.


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Divergent - the movie

So a week and a half ago I had the amazing privilege of attending the European Premiere of Divergent - the film adaptation of my favourite book.

Last night I saw the film again, this time with my husband and some other friends.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS FILM. Perhaps even more seeing it the second time. Wow, just wow.

Watching it on the big screen, all the same feelings and emotions I had when I read the book two years ago came flooding back. It was actually quite overwhelming.

The casting = perfection. Shailene IS Tris; Theo IS Four. Like, no question. And their chemistry… uh, yeah, excuse me while I fan myself.

The acting was stellar, particularly by the lead characters. Shailene totally knocked it out of the park with the bit with her mum at the end. TEARS.

The pacing was spot on, the cinematography was beautiful, and I really liked all the bits that were changed from the book. Standing ovation for Neil Burger. He really captured the essence of the story and the journey and rollercoaster of emotions Tris goes through.

The music was amazing. The song when Tris joins the Dauntless as they run for the train makes you want to run and be generally AWESOME. The zip lining scene and that moment when Tris sees Caleb and her dad at the end - gah… SO beautiful and emotional.

Yeah… I mean, there were a couple of things I thought were a shame to have been left out, but overall I was just so ecstatic each time I came out of the cinema :D

Oh and my husband now wants to read the books because he liked the film so much, which is a freaking miracle because he never reads novels! Woop!

ETA: I loved how inspirational the movie was. Like, even more than the book somehow. You watch the film and you’re like, YEAH LET’S GO CONQUER SOME FEARS. At least, I was, anyway ;)

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